Sony: Tearaway Unfolded

Sony Computer Entertainment OMD
Brandcampaign: Tearaway Unfolded
(September 2015)
Brand-Awareness Kampagne zum Release


We wanted to create an innovative ad for our customers, to introduce players to the unique features and the special game principle from Tearaway Unfolded. The fullscreen interstitial, made by us with great love for detail, perfectly fulfills these requirements and provides a first impression of the game. After “swiping”, the ad reveals the trailer to the game.

The campaign is accompanied by editorial content (overview as PDF ») and a comprehensive preroll campaign in our entire games channel.

Key Facts

  • Innovative form of advertising
  • High awareness/visibility
  • Interaction with the advertised product
  • Above-average click rates


Unser Video zeigt das Fullscreen Interstitial in Aktion.

Die GIGA Games News mit “Papier-Kristin” waren Teil der umfangreichen Berichterstattung zum Spiel.

Released on: 22.09.2015

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