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GIGA WINDOWS speaks to readers who are interested in Mobile with Windows, desktop PCs, hardware and software. We specialize in video content, high-quality articles and social media. GIGA’s primary focus is on infotainment.

Along with daily news articles, it includes primarily best-of lists, tests, instructional videos and a planned buying advisor. The formats are applied in all topic areas and offer readers concrete assistance. For example: “How do I do a clean installation of Windows 10? How do I install an SSD? What kind of notebook do I need as a home/pro user? How do I assemble a PC and what components do I need?”


  • Mobile width Windows: One of the most important topics is mobile devices. Here are various formats which deal with consumer products with Windows operating systems such as notebooks, tablets, convertibles, smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • Desktop PC: complete PC systems, for example for business or gaming, are still highly in demand and are professionally handled in the Windows Channel. Whereby the primary focus is on normal desktop PCs also all-in-ones and media stations.
  • Hardware: Next to the “Mobile” and “Desktop” fields are also individual components and other hardware such as motherboards, graphic cards, processors, SSDs and monitors. Lists with the best hardware according to benchmarks, for example, is planned here. To keep existing regular GIGA Games readers interested, one can enter an individual gaming area within the Windows Channel, emphasized in the Gaming Hardware and Overclocking, for example.
  • Software: Along with a clean, up-to-date and growing download area, important software topics such as security are also dealt with. Of course in the future one will respond increasingly to apps from the Windows Store, which generally run on all compatible devices such as Xbox, HoloLens, and others.

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