Active community, editors with opinion, video focus and good humor.

82% Men

72% 14-29 years

2.05M uU. **

4.33M Visits *

18.34M PI *


Reader profile

  • Opinion leaders and influencers for all digital products
  • Young, eager to buy and many interests
  • Plays on all platforms
  • 72% are 14-29 years ols
  • Uses the Internet as a medium no. 1 for entertainment, information gathering and shopping.


GIGA GAMES is different. Here, the reader is part of an active community, here editors write pieces with opinions and a story behind it. Instead of product information, we value personality, and a little humor to boot. Games are not technical merchandise. For us, Games are culture – and an important part of our lives.


GIGA Games bets on moving images and plain talk: Besides videos, live streams and podcasts, it also entertains and informs through tests, live blogs, tutorials and more, all about the world of gaming.

Sources: * IVW 04/18, ** AGOF digital facts 04/18